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   The International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists

Individual Membership - Associate Members

Associate Membership is available through a local Charter. To find the charter in your country or region, please refer to our Charter information ( for the latest information). Your counry of residence is the dominant factor in deciding your charter affiliation. All candidates for our professional designations must complete an application. Four general types of individual memberships are available:
•  Practitioner: These individuals perform valuation or fraud engagements for a fee (you are considered to be a practitioner even if you only work occasionally or work part time).
•  Non-Practitioner: includes Government Employees, Academics and professionals who do not prepare valuation: This category includes professors and others employed from colleges and universities on a full-time basis.
•  Student: must provide proof from the educational institution currently attending.
•  Senior Valuator:includes individuals with extensive experience in business valuation and may be exempted from certification exam; instead, experience log and case report must be submitted for review.

  IACVS Associate Membership Application Form

Institutional Membership - Observer Member

Institutions, Universities and other organizations may apply for Observer Membership through IACVS Headquarters. Observer Members are all other stakeholders with an interest in IACVS’s system of promoting uniform best practices in business valuation and fraud deterrence.

Observer Members are drawn from the following types of organizations:

•  Academic Entities – this class of Observer Member (universities, colleges, etc.) generally offers (or may be preparing to offer) courses and qualifications in valuation.  Some also offer vocational instruction to individuals seeking additional skills for their existing jobs.  This group of members also covers institutions that conduct research into aspects of valuation.
•   Institutional Organizations – this class of Observer Member includes non-profit entities, government agencies, regulators, etc. that are concerned with the quality of financial information available within its country in valuation best practices.  The procedures offered in IACVS training help develop the public trust in the administration of various laws that require financial filings or professional valuations.
•   Service Organizations – this class covers professional firms that provide or require accounting, auditing, valuation, and consulting services; it includes enterprises whose employees may be Associate Members.
•   Resource Organizations – this class consists of firms that provide services or data to finance and valuation professionals; they may include industry or economic research, software, databases & tools, conference organization, etc.
•  Membership Organizations – this class has its own membership that is involved in finance or related areas that rely on best practices in accurate financial information or valuations/appraisals.  It includes banking associations, valuation and appraisal societies, institutes of lawyers and judges, accounting societies, etc.
  Observer Member Application
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For additional inquiries, please contact: or 001-206-623-3200.

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