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   The International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists


Indonesia Society of Appraisers 

MAPPI (Masyarakat Profesi Penilai Indonesia; Indonesian Society of Appraisers) and IACVS(International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists) work together to bring global best practices in the valuation of business interests (and intangible assets) to MAPPI's members and to work together to make Indonesia's requirements in the same area available in training materials for use by both MAPPI's members and other valuators around the globe.
IACVS is a provider of best practices in business interests and intangible assets valuation, as well as offering professional training materials designed to prepare students to work in these areas on a world stage. Each country using the materials is tasked with preparing country specific requirements in written form. Testing and awarding of IACVS's global credential in valuation (ICVS) is completed at the country level, ensuring professionals are conversant with local requirements, international requirements, and standards such as the IVS (International Valuation Standards, issued by the International Valuation Standards Council), and global best practices. Professionals in over 50 countries hold the ICVS designation from IACVS. MAPPI has over 4850 members, and is the valuation professional association recognized by the Indonesian Government.

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