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   The International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists

Self-study is a good choice for busy professionals. You can study on your own pace at a time convenient to you. Self-study is available in English, Chinese, Arabic and German. Self-study may be taken in parts or as a package. The packaged price provides a significant discount with first year membership fee and exam fees included. In general, you must finish the self-study within a 12 month period. Special extensions may be granted in certain circumstances. Additional fees may apply. Please contact IACVS headquarters: or 001-206-623-3200 for details. 

IACVS BVTC Self study Form.pdf

Procedures for ICVS Self-study:
1. We will mail the training materials to you after you complete a registration and pay the required fees. You may register at IACVS Store shown at homepage. 
2. After completing the three courses, you will need to take the multiple-choice exam and submit your Case Study.
3. The Multiple-choice exam is given online. The exam lasts five hours with a twenty minute break at the halfway point. When you are ready to take the exam, you need to inform us of the exact time, date and time zone one month in advance. You will also need to find an ICVS to be your exam proctor.  IACVS HQ will provide a list of ICVSs in your area for you to select.  If you cannot find an ICVS, a CPA or CA may be substituted.  Your proctor will provide you with a quiet place with internet connectivity. You will need a laptop computer for the exam. We will confirm directly with the proctor regarding administrative details.
4. After successfully completing the multiple-choice exam, you will prepare and submit a case report. We will provide you with standardized valuation fact patternon which you must analyze and submit a written valuation report. We refer to this as the Case Study exam. Should you not wish to use our standardized fact pattern, you may instead use an actual valuation report prepared by yourself (please mask all information concerning the client’s confidential data).
5. We impose a 12 month limit from beginning the coursework through completion of the multiple-choice exam and submission of the case report.
6. After we receive the Case Study exam report from you, we will grade it by using the requirements of a proper valuation. It usually takes us 4-6 weeks to grade the case report. We will then report the final results to you.
7. When you have passed both the multiple-choice exam, the case study and paid the associated fees, you will be granted an ICVS certificate which will be mailed to you at that time.

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