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   The International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists


International Certified Valuation Specialists (ICVS) Certification Training consists of three sections:

 1. Best Practices for Business Valuations

This part of the material covers the fundamentals of business valuation: 

  Definition of business valuation   Financial analysis
  Business valuation terminology   Ratio analysis
  Business valuation process illustrated step-by-step   Select appropriate valuation method
  Understanding capitalization and discount rates   Select and apply proper marketability or minority discounts
  Common benefit streams   Professional standards
  Introduction to standards of value

  Country specific practice (when available)

2. Best Practice for Valuing Intangibles 

  How identifying intangibles leads to corporate transparency   Market approach
  Professional standards - IAS, FAS, IFRS, IVS   Special applications: Brands, Systems and Software, Business
  Value drivers for intangible assets   Combinations, Impairment Testing, PPA
  Common approaches to valuing intangibles   Sources and information for intangible asset researches
  DCF for intangible assets   Illustrations with example

3. Case Analysis and Report Writing 

This course teaches the process of engagement management and report writing. It aims to solidify the fundamental business valuation theory by step-by-step demonstration through a case study and provides practical tips candidates can use in the real world. Candidates will be asked to be familiar with the case facts prior to coming to the class as this fast-paced class will require interactive input from all attendees. This is also a perfect opportunity to examine one’s own practice guidelines and network with other professionals. Candidates will draw on the experience of the instructor or fellow students and learn from each other. You will come away with best practice tips for business valuation engagement from beginning to end. 

IACVS Associate Membership Application Form

IACVS Associate Membership Application Form.pdf

Procedures for ICVS Live Training Class:
1. The training class lasts five days with a multiple-choice examination on the sixth day.
2. After passing the multiple-choice examination, you will receive a package with a standardized valuation situation for which you must analyze and submit a written valuation report. We refer to this as the Case Study exam. Should you not wish to use our standardized case facts, you may use an actual valuation report prepared by yourself (please mask all information concerning the client’s confidential data). Please submit your case report to us within 60 days of receipt of the standardized assignment.
3. After we receive the Case Study exam report from you, we will grade it by using the case report requirements covered in the training. It usually takes us 4-6 weeks to grade the case report. We will then report the final results to you.
4. When you have passed both the multiple choice exam and the case study, you will be granted an ICVS certificate which will be mailed to you. 

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