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   The International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists

This intensive workshop trains the participants with the basic skills necessary to address fraud before it takes place. Students will learn to recognize common control deficiencies that allow fraud to occur, how to systematically find the opportunities to commit fraud in the business environment, and how to develop procedures to address those opportunities. Participants also will learn how to communicate their findings and recommendations that will improve internal controls 

Training Course – Four-Day Workshop

Day One Day Three
● Background and history of control guidance
● Professional standards and ethics
● Who commits fraud?
● Three major categories of fraud
● The Fraud Triangle and breaking the triangle
● Fraud prevention
● Significant IT controls
● Risk Assessment
● Corporate Governance
● Interviewing techniques
● Interview vs. interrogation
● Basic fraud detection techniques
● Special industry concerns
o Small business
o Governmental
o Not-for-profit
Day Two Day Four
● The Fraud Deterrence Engagement
● Role of internal controls in prevention of fraud
● Forms of occupational fraud
● Fraud triangle and financial reporting
● Role of control activities within an organization
● Common fraud schemes
● Professional responsibilities for internal control and fraud
(The topics below are modified for country and regional-specific issues)
● Reporting standards for fraud engagements
● Standards of evidence
● Testifying as an expert witness

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