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Bangalore Seminar July 25

2019-07-30     Hits:  

Bangalore, India saw an overwhelming response to the one day Masterclass “An Insight into Business Valuation” organized jointly by Khong & Jaafar group of Companies and Utkrusta Advisors LLP; powered by IACVS on the 25th of July, 2019. The masterclass was attended by professional of various fields.

Mr. William Hanlin Jr. addressed the delegates about how International investors look to Business Valuation of distressed assets and the valuation of intangibles with specific reference to distressed assets following which Mr. Elvin Fernandez spoke on Valuation Standards. There were also local speakers, professionals in their fields; namely Mrs. Chitra Nirmala, who spoke about the Impact & Usefulness of Business Valuation on decisions of Committee of Creditors & reaction of market on such sale offers by them; Mr. Rajiv Singh who gave insight into the valuation of distressed assets in India – detect & attack basis & Mr. T. Chandrashekhara who spoke on India – specific departures required in IVS 300 where he addressed the gathering on valuation in India.

All the sessions were very interactive and helped everyone have an overview of how Business Valuation happens internationally and what steps need to be taken to improve the avenue for this domain in India. Towards the end of the day, the delegates left well informed, looking forward to more such educative sessions by the IACVS in future.


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